Dock High provides outdoor brands with an integrated order fulfillment platform that supports data exchange and system-to-system inventory syncing. This allows you to check your inventory, shipping, and receiving in real time via a secure client login so you always know exactly what’s going on with your business.


SPEED Same day turn-times for e-commerce retail and same day/next day turn-times for wholesale orders. Inbound shipments are stocked and available to ship next day.
KPI Reporting
KPI REPORTING Monthly KPI report cards track current and historical performance for all Dock High performance commitments. KPI results are transparent and measured against industry benchmarks.
Routing Compliance
ROUTING COMPLIANCE In-depth knowledge of routing guide compliance requirements of US outdoor retailers including UCC128 label generation and EDI support. We are accountable for rare chargeback occurrences.
Proactive Communication
PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION Brief weekly check-in meetings to review KPI results, address service questions, and plan for upcoming activity keep things moving smoothly.
INVENTORY We keep our system inventory accurate and reliable with daily inventory cycle counts and triggered counts when items reach low levels. Daily or weekly system-to-system syncs ensure that your system inventory matches ours.
SEASONALITY Ability to scale up rapidly to meet seasonal sales cycles, your brand’s rapid growth, and similar urgent response needs.
RESPONSIVE More than 99% of orders are received and processed without the need for phone calls and emails. But we understand that some circumstances require fast, personalized attention. Our brand managers are always available to respond to urgent needs.

RELIABILITY A few highlights:

  • Consistently meet pick/pack/ship accuracy benchmark of 99.7%
  • Inventory accuracy of outbound fill-rate exceeds 99.8%
  • Inbound and outbound turn-times meet service commitments 95% of the time
  • Simple, detailed billing statements mean no surprise charges


Dock High’s Returns Processing is all about quick turnarounds that keep your customers happy. Our automated RA order transmissions, including inspection and disposition codes, keep your reverse logistics costs low, saving you money. RAs are processed quickly using data automation, eliminating the need for manual communication that slows down processing, and increases your costs. Further, we maximize product recovery rates by incorporating re-packaging, re-tagging, and simple repair/refurbish processes into your RA processing program.


We provide cost effective value-add services for labeling, re-packaging, kitting, and assembly. This includes piece pricing for re-occurring value-add work, including routing compliance. This allows you to know your costs up front so you can pass value-add expenses on to your customers or manufacturers for re-work projects as necessary.


Choosing the right third party logistics provider for your business is a major decision. Since we focus on forming long-term relationships, we are discerning about who we work with, and expect the same of our clients. It’s worth taking the time to ensure we’re a good fit for each other, and this can take several weeks and multiple conversations. Below is an overview of our process for forming and sustaining a successful and enjoyable business relationship.


It begins with a conversation. Or several. This part is critical. We must understand your business needs in order to match our capacities with your logistics requirements, facilities, systems, and goals. Cultural fit is equally important, and these discussions are also a great way to get to know each other. Expect these meetings to be lively and fun!


Once we determine we’re a good fit, we dive deeper into details. We’ll cover program launch timing, systems integration, order processing volumes, SKU count and product organization, inbound and outbound order types and compositions, inventory management, seasonality, value-add services, order turnaround times and schedules, KPI reporting, activity visibility, communication, and growth projections – all the good stuff.


Now we’re moving! Working with your brand leadership, we draft a plan for short-term action items and long-term strategy. And while having a road map is essential, we can still improvise when necessary. Our plans are flexible enough to accommodate the kind of changes inevitable in our dynamic industry.


Partner, we have a deal! Our agreements are detailed and comprehensive so there are no surprises down the road. Our aim is to keep pricing and service guidelines simple and transparent while addressing your unique needs. Welcome to Dock High! Now let’s get to work.


Scheduling is about configuring our systems to work together. During this stage we also finalize service details relating to day-to-day communication, discus order processing turn-time schedules, inbound compliance, inventory management processes, report design, and the billing process. All of this helps us work toward a launch date.


A smooth launch reduces stress and saves you money. We dedicate extra resources to your program for the first three months following launch to tie up programming loose ends and make necessary support adjustments. This gives you confidence in our process so you can focus your attention on developing and delivering great products.


Now that we’re up and running, it doesn’t mean we won’t talk. In fact, maintaining regular communication at the management level is a key to our success. We do this through brief weekly calls in which we discuss performance, share ideas for improvements and solve minor challenges before they can grow into major issues.