Climate change is an existential threat, and the window to address it in a meaningful way is closing.


At Dock High, we recognize that responsibility for reversing our current course falls not only on governments but on individuals and organizations. Serving outdoor industry brands and operating as an important part of their supply chain makes it especially important for Dock High to adopt a mission critical commitment to environmental responsibility. We seek to partner with outdoor industry brands and suppliers that share our values and commitment to environmental health and responsibility.

UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment
USPS Blue Earth
Energy Star


Our environmental policy is built around the following key focus areas, company commitments and initiatives to reduce and offset our carbon.


Measure and offset Dock High controlled shipping/freight related emissions.


Use efficient packaging design and materials to reduce waste, which includes the use of packaging materials made from recyclable or sustainably sourced materials.


Our sustainable warehousing efforts include energy-efficient lighting, LED technology, office occupancy sensors, on-site recycling programs, and programmable heating and
cooling systems.


Issue an annual company sustainability report outlining Dock High’s performance on our environmental policy commitments.


CERTIFICATION & CARBON OFFSETS: Beginning in 2024-2025, Dock High, joined Carbonfund.org Foundation’s Carbonfree business partnership program. Carbonfund.org Foundation is a leading US-based carbon reduction and offset organization.
TRANSPORTATION OFFSETS: Dock High measures and pays offsets for 99%+ of the shipping activity that we control via carbon emissions offset programs we participate in with UPS and USPS.

> Our office and warehouse facilities have been EPA Energy Star certified since 2017, which includes the use of energy-efficient LED lighting with occupancy sensors.

> Dock High pays offsets through our Carbonfund.org partner program for 100% of our carbon footprint from electricity use.

WASTE HANDLING: Dock High recycles all paper/corrugate and other recyclable materials.


SOURCE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Identify and transition to efficient packaging design and materials to reduce waste and incorporate the use of packaging materials made from recyclable or sustainably sourced materials.
CULTIVATE PARTNERSHIPS: Create written environmental policies and standards that will guide Dock High in qualifying and selecting customers and key vendors that share our values and commitments to environmental responsibility.
MEET HIGG INDEX STANDARDS: Evaluate Dock High’s alignment and compliance with Higg Index standards. The Higg Index is a suite of sustainability tools developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), which is endorsed by outdoor industry leaders such as REI and Patagonia.