Our facilities hit the sweet spot between high tech and hands-on, giving you a personalized platform for greater inventory control.

Dock High Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Dock High’s warehouse management system (WMS) is built on Microsoft’s Dynamics Navision ERP system framework and SQL database. All orders are tracked and visible including pending receipts, receiving in process, picking, packing, shipping individual orders, and value-added services. Every item in our warehouse is uniquely identified, tracked, and controlled on a real-time basis.

Our secure, intuitive client portal provides constant, real-time visibility to all transaction status and histories, including order status, receipts, shipments, and on-hand inventory. And you have the ability to run and download reports into PDF or Excel whenever you want.

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft SQL Server


We like to have a good time, but we don’t mess around when it comes to security. The care and custody of your products and information is serious business. Our product and data security guidelines integrate system security, facility security, and inventory control giving you confidence that your business is safe and secure at all times.

System Security


We save client product and order data in our ERP system, which is Microsoft Dynamics Navision running on a SQL Server. Access is limited and credentials are renewed every 90 days. Copies of order documents are saved for one calendar year.

Facility Security


Our operating security guidelines identify and remove potential opportunities for theft or damage from both internal and external sources. Complementing these security guidelines are our own internal and external security cameras and a comprehensive alarm system at all entry points. Our building also has security personnel monitoring the outside perimeter every day around the clock.

Inventory Control


Our standard cycle count program, which involves counting some portion of your inventory every day, serves as an additional security check point by providing system to physical inventory reconciliations.



Dock High maintains a commercial liability insurance policy for each client for product loss, damage, or theft. To date, we have never had to file a claim for lost or stolen product.